Christmas Music 24/7 is a network of Internet radio stations, run by me, Michael Clark, from my home. Yes, I listen to Christmas Music the entire year. And so do many other people. I’ve received notes from missionaries, tourists, and people homebound who have been appreciative of being able to get some Christmas cheer any time of the year. Since I started webcasting in 2004, I have had over 7 million listeners. That’s an incredible response. But all of this takes a fair amount of money and time to keep running. So I do accept donations to help offset the expense of running the station. I also sell advertising on the web site.


In November 2004 I started the station just to share the Christmas carols and other music I had collected. That Christmas season the station peaked with just over 1,600 listener hours (a listener hour is one person listening to a station for one hour. Or 60 people listening for one minute). But I had a great time, and I received several email messages thanking me for the station. So I kept the station up throughout 2005, as a test of the market.

Despite a massive server crash in July 2005, the number of listeners was steadily increasing. There were more listeners in September 2005 than in all of December 2004. By the end of December 2005, Christmas Music 24/7 was the #1 Christmas station, and #33 of all the 5,000+ Live365 stations.

In 2006, I changed the station to “professional” status. This allowed me to grow the size of the station. It also meant I have to pay the royalties for the music played on the station myself. But more on that later. If you use iTunes, two of my stations are listed under the Religious category of radio stations. By Christmas Day, 2006, Christmas Music 24/7 was the third most popular station at Live365.

My instrumental/jazz station launched on January 1, 2007. That station grew slowly, but has gathered a dedicated bunch of listeners. I’ve received emails from listeners thanking me for the instrumental station, several noted that it helped calm their kids down at bedtime during the hectic Christmas season. In 2007, the traditional station was the #2 station, and the instrumental station was #4.

2008 was a busy year, the recession hurt everyone. But my stations were heard in 174 different countries. And the traditional station was the most popular station at Live365, and the instrumental station was the second most popular station.

In 2009, I added two new professional-class stations, Christmas Music 24/7 Country, and Christmas Music 24/7 More. And the Traditional station was the #1 station at Live365, and the Jazz/Instrumental station was #2. Right now, I am planning on adding a few new, non-Christmas stations in 2011.

In January 2016, all of the stations ceased broadcasting due to new royalty rates.

December 2017 an experiment was conducted with one station, but it was not financially feasible to continue the stations.

If you ever have any questions about any of this, please contact me.